Avoid These Costly Mistakes When Selling A Home In Moultrie, Georgia


It can be difficult to sell a home in the current market. It’s easy to take for granted the different aspects of getting a home listed for sale and even easier to take all the little extras you can do to make it sell faster for granted. Every day your home is on the market and hasn’t sold it’s costing you money. Luckily there is a lot you can do to avoid costing yourself extra money when you list your home for sale in Moultrie, GA. These are just a few things you should avoid to help save yourself money when listing your home.

The Use Of An Inexperienced Agent

The first thing you need to do is get your home listed. This is going to require you getting a good agent and that is the most important part to selling your home in Moultrie. It’s not unusual for people to just go down the phone book and hire an agent this way. It’s far better if you actually take the time to talk to several agents. Interview your potential candidates and make sure to ask several questions regarding their experience and what they plan to do to sell your home. The more you ask and the more you find out about the agent the more likely you are to avoid someone who won’t be able to get your home sold quickly.

Pricing Your Property Wrong

Once you have the experienced agent you’ll have to start talking about what you’re going to list your home for. It’s easy to get your emotions tied up in this part of the process but you’ll be advised not to. A good agent will pull many comps and give you the best estimate on fair market value of your home. From here you can get the price you want to list it for. Don’t be shy about asking the agent if this is what they think the home will actually sell for because this will help you gauge the entire process.

Avoiding Small But Important Repairs

It’s easy when you’re living in a home to not worry about changing the light bulb on the motion lights, replacing batteries in the smoke detector or oiling squeaky hinges. All of these little repairs will make act as a big shout out to the potential buyer drawing their attention to anything in your home that’s received too little attention. This will only make it that much harder for it to sell.

Set Limits On Costs You’ll Cover

If you’ve decided to pay for an inspection then it’s a good idea to set a limit on what you’ll pay. For example, stating you’ll pay for the inspection up to $350.00 can be a good way to save some money. It’s likely those who are hiring an inspector on your dime aren’t going to worry about how much it costs; they’ll just call the first person who can get out there. If you set a limit however, they will take the time to make a few phone calls and stick within that budget.