First Time Home Buyer’s Tips for Moultrie and Colquitt County


If you’re looking to buy your first home in Moultrie or Colquitt County then we’ve got some superb tips to make sure that your new home purchase is a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Make sure you’re ready financially

  • Work out how much you really can afford. Online mortgage calculators are a good starting point to find out how much the payments will be, but don’t forget that owning a house brings other expense too – like maintenance, insurance and property taxes. Take these into account when you fix your budget.
  • Get a big down payment together – most mortgages will require you to have a deposit of around 5-10% before you can buy, aim high and remember the more you can put down in the first place the less you’ll have to pay each month
  • Save a little longer – If you put aside the money you thought you’d need to pay for your house each month (that’s the mortgage payment and other expenses like taxes and insurance), you’ll know that firstly you can afford the financial commitment of owning your own home and secondly you’ll have boosted your down payment!
  • Get pre-qualified for your home loan – it’s worth talking to a few mortgage professionals and seeing if you can be pre-qualified for your mortgage, not only does this cut down on hassle when it comes to buying your home, it also gives you a very clear idea of what you may be able to afford

Do some research

  • Have a look at smaller homes, such as condos, town houses, etc. they’re often very affordable and the mortgage payments might be similar to your current rent payments
  • Work out what you need from a new home, and then what you want from a home – be prepared to sacrifice a little from the “want” list, don’t worry most first time buyers will move after 5-10 years to a bigger place when that “want” list can be accommodated more easily
  • Check out the potential of a home, if a place is a little shabby this can be good news as it means you can get more of a discount on the purchase and then do it up for less money as you can afford it – if there are any majors changes or repairs needed take professional advice on the costs before committing to buy

Buying your first home in Moultrie or Colquitt County is a great way to move ahead in life and save money on rent, talk to us today to find out more about how easy this could be.

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