Five Fast And Easy Tips To Get Your Home Sold


Do you need to sell your home? Most likely you are filled with questions. Luckily, there are things you can do to tweak the marketability of any house. Just remember, your real estate agents can help you with valuable tips for selling your home. Here are five things you may do to make your home more attractive to a potential buyer.

Curb Appeal And Your Home

This is the first thing a buyer will see when he looks at your house. Look at the outside of your home with the eye of a buyer. The climate is so rich there’s ample opportunity for a garden, be sure to do so, especially in the front. Keep it simple and tight, though. When you plan to move, you need every penny you have. You may be hesitant to invest money in the house you want to sell. Remember, as any real estate agent will tell you, it is better to invest money on improvements and recover them with the sales price, than not to sell the house at all. Make sure your front entry is freshly painted along with broken steps leading to the entry repaired.

Odors In The House

This is the buyer’s second sense that will go into action. When the buyer steps into your home, the air wafting to their nostrils should not be that of a litter box or of some unidentifiable odor. This is another area a real estate agent can assist with. The best thing to do is to let that fresh Georgia air in and then bake a batch of sugar cookies. The smell of baked cookies reminds just about everyone of their childhood home or grandma’s cookies. Lighting a candle with a pleasant scent may be the next best thing to actually baking. When the buyer views your home, it should be spic and span. Even on short notice, make sure the beds are made and there are no clothes or toys cluttering the floor, or dishes in the sink.

Unclutter Your Home

The little knick-knacks you have collected over the years may mean much to you but they will only be seen as clutter by the buyer. Make a critical inspection of all that is on your walls and floors. If it detracts from the size of the room, take it out, put it in storage, box it up, or do whatever you want. Just get rid of it. The same thing goes for rooms overstuffed with furniture. If you have to live sparsely furnished until you sell the house, so be it. It is a small sacrifice and will be well worth it.

What Needs To Be Done?

Ask your real estate agent about what else he or she thinks you need to do to the inside. Their advice may be to paint your walls in neutral colors and treat your windows with simple but eye-catching elegance.


Another thing your agent may tell you is that your asking price is too high. This is natural because you love your home but you must be realistic and consider the market. Only you will know if it is smart to sit on your house for a few years hoping to get your price.

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