Five Great Tips to Negotiate the Sale of Your Home


If you’re looking to sell your home in Moultrie, Georgia or Colquitt County then sooner or later you’ll need to negotiate the price. As the best realtors in town we can handle most of that for you, but we’ve got some tips to help you when it comes to negotiations.

Head Hagglers off at the Pass

Before you get an offer and start negotiations, it’s a good idea to take a walk round your home and see it through a buyer’s eyes. If you were going to buy your home, are there any faults or little problems that you would try and lever the price down with?

If there are, and these are minor problems – the best thing to do is fix them, so they don’t give the prospective buyer leverage. If they’re bigger problems and you don’t want the expense of fixing them, it might be a good idea to have estimates taken so you can figure out what these problems are really worth – before you negotiate over them.

Show the prospective buyer you’re available

If you need a break, that’s OK but tell your prospective buyer before you go so they understand the situation. Don’t just vanish for a few weeks, that’s bad business and likely to upset your buyer enough that they go elsewhere.

Try to keep momentum in the sale of your home and make sure you respond to honest questions promptly.

Consider the Quality of the Offer

A lower cash bid might be better than a higher bid from someone who is stuck in a chain and needs to sell their home before they can buy yours, time is money. You may be able to use the higher bid to gain a little ground with the lower bidder too.

Keep Something Back to Sweeten the Deal

You don’t always have to discount in negotiations and sometimes it can be better to concede household items instead, people like to move into houses where some or all of the white goods are in place and fridges and cookers can be a pain to move, so it can be a win-win situation for both parties.

Understand Your Asking Price and Your Bottom Line

The asking price is your starting price and the bottom line is the minimum you’d accept to sell your home and to move from one price to the other – you should be looking for some kind of show of good faith from the buyer. If they want a discount, it can be done – but it should be for a commitment in return.

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