Five Reasons To Consider Moving To Moultrie Georgia


Why Moultrie Georgia?

There are many reasons to choose Moultrie Georgia. With the economy is in its current state more and more people are looking to make a move. Some are sticking close by while others are moving across the country in search of better jobs. If you are in the market to make a move and haven’t already considered Moultrie Georgia. There are some very good reasons you should give this beautiful area another look.

The Weather

The gorgeous Moultrie Georgia weather will have you sipping sweet tea and enjoying a swing on the front porch. You’ll no longer have to worry about the winter blues in this warm southern climate. For many people the winter offers its own set of challenges, not the least of which is shoveling snow or staying indoors to avoid the weather. There are many people who get stir crazy or worse when cooped up all winter long. When you’re living in the South you’ll have an abundance of sunny days you can enjoy.

The People

The people of Moultrie  Georgia are polite, warm and friendly; creating the perfect feel of a small town. For those who like to have all the amenities of the larger cities you’ll be happy to know there’s quite a bit in Moultrie Georgia. There are shops and antique malls and you can easily navigate the city as well with the updated public transportation. The community is full of warm, supportive people who will have you slowing down in no time. Stop by the community and spend some time shopping or dining and you’ll see how friendly the atmosphere is.

Unique Housing That’s Affordable

If you haven’t already taken some time to look at the many homes offered for sale in the Moultrie and surrounding areas you should. The area offers some of the finest homes that are large, stately and have been well-cared for. There are homes that are log cabins as well as many homes with unique and elegant design. Whether you’re looking for a home that’s previously unoccupied and new or a home that is used and in good shape there are many to choose from in the surrounding area.

Plenty To Do

Moultrie, GA is a beautiful area for the person who loves to fish and just as gorgeous for those who’d prefer to go for a hike. There are numerous golf courses, restaurants and fishing and hunting opportunities. For the fan of the great outdoors, there is also Reed Bingham State Park. If you’re a nature enthusiast you will easily find many options.

Excellent Schools

If you haven’t already been advised, purchasing a home in a great school district helps to keep the value of your home even if you don’t have children. The schools in Moultrie Georgia are excellent. There are several elementary, middle and high schools with a graduation rate at 65%. The classrooms are small with a general ration of fifteen students to a teacher. When it comes to your child’s education it doesn’t get more personable and detail oriented than these schools.