Listing Your Home

Listing your home

When you list your home, you want to sell in the shortest time for the most money. In order to achieve these results, several things must take place.

The property MUST be priced correctly to attract a buyer

A good real estate agent can assist you with coming up with this figure. You must resist the urge to price the property significantly higher than your Realtor’s estimate. Some folks overprice a property and think they can reduce the price later.

Days on the market significantly impact the sales value of a property

The initial “suggested list” price that a Realtor provides produces the best results in the initial 30 days on market. After a property remains on the market 30-60 days, many people want to reduce to the Realtor’s initial “suggested list” value. At this point, the initial suggested value does not yield the same results. It is often necessary for the seller to discount the property more deeply. Of course, there are some extreme cases when this does not apply – such as when the market was aggressively rising in 2005 and 2006.

Advertising is another important item in selling a property

The real estate agent must have the property on the correct MLS system, showcase, sites such as Zillow & Trulia, local real estate books and newspapers. While print media is still necessary, online advertising is producing the best results. Direct mailings are one form of print advertising that is still very effective – if they are targeted correctly. At Norris Bishop Realty, we use direct mailings frequently.

Financing is an area where your Realtor needs expertise

Making sure a buyer is pre- approved for financing prior to showing your property is very important. Showing properties to buyers who have not been approved is often a waste of a seller’s time. Also, when you sign a contract with a pre-approved buyer, your sale has a much higher possibility of closing smoothly.

Open houses are often very productive on certain properties

I would strongly recommend an open house if your property is located in a large subdivision or on a well traveled street. For more rural properties, open houses are not very productive.

When listing your property, your Realtor can help develop a marketing and advertising plan that suits your type of property.

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