Seven Important Things To Do When Selling Your Home

selling home

Selling Your Home…

Can be a challenging process, especially in today’s market. The good news, however, is that there are several things that you can do to dramatically improve your chances of selling your home quickly so you can move into your new property and do so at a profit.

Follow Your Agent’s Advice

The most important thing to do when selling your home is to not only hire a real estate agent with experience in the industry and your area, but to listen to their advice. You hired the agent due to their knowledge so it is pointless to waste it. If they tell you to repaint a room or make some minor adjustments in your home, follow their advice.

Ensure It Is In Top Condition

One of the biggest things that makes a home stand out is the type of shape they are in. Buyers don’t want to go through the hassle of purchasing a home only to have to spend money on major repairs afterwards. Therefore, you should hire a home inspector and make any changes they suggest. Keep in mind that apart from serious damage to your home, you should stick to minor makeovers. Major ones, such as remodeling the bedroom, are not usually worth the money invested. Instead, stick to smaller repairs such as repainting rooms or sealing up cracks in walls.

Stage Your Home Inside And Out

Before you start showing your home, you need to get it staged. This means ensuring that it is well-lit and clean. Also add in mirrors throughout your home as these make the space look much larger, especially when combined with additional light.

Take Away Personal Items

When a buyer looks at your home, they will try to picture themselves living in it. They can’t do this if you have family photos and your children’s craft projects spread throughout the space. Therefore, you should make the extra effort to pack up your personal items and turn your home into a more neutral space.

Remove The Clutter

While you remove objects that add your personal touch to your home, you also want to do your best to de-clutter it. If you have stacks of books sitting on your coffee table or random items on your dining room table, pack them up. They will just make your home less appealing to potential buyers.

Check Similar Home Prices

When it comes to actually pricing your home, you need to have some basis of comparison. Your agent will recommend looking at homes in your area that are on the market or have recently sold and what they were priced at. They will help you with this research as it is important for giving you an idea of how to price your home before selling it.

Always Have Your Home Clean And Ready

A final thing to do when selling your home is to always keep it clean and ready to show whenever it is on the market. You want your real estate agent to be able to bring someone over at a moment’s notice and that isn’t possible if you have to scramble to get it clean first. This means that you need to do your dishes right away and generally keep the home clean and organized at all times.