Seven Secrets for Being the Right Home Buyer

home buyers

If you want to buy a new home in Colquitt County or Moultrie City, then you can improve your chances of getting the right deal and the home of your dreams by being the “right” home buyer. We’ve got seven secrets to share that will improve your chances of getting the deal done in the way you want it to be.

Typically many of the problems in real estate transactions come from the “chain” of buyers and sellers, and sometimes a home purchase agreement can collapse because of these so follow our tips for a better chance of success.

First time buyers

– strangely first time buyers are especially welcome home buyers because they don’t have a house to sell of their own they offer an uncomplicated route to sellers who want to make sure a deal is done on the right timescale. A first time buyer who has been pre-approved for a mortgage is going to find it easier to have sellers listen to their offers than many other potential buyers

Wait for a buyer for your home

– if you already have a home, sell it before you enter the market for a new one, you’ll avoid the disappointment of losing that dream house because someone else has the funds available now

Get your mortgage arrangements in place

– if your lender has already committed to a loan amount and you’ve got the paperwork to show this, it will give you the edge on other less prepared buyers and it lets your real estate agent now that you mean business and gives them an incentive to prioritize you

Choose the right legal representatives

– it’s best to pick people who are recommended to you and know the local market, they should be well prepared for the job in hand and focus on speeding up your purchase not slowing it down

Make the right offer

– haggling is part of the game when it comes to buying a house but an overly aggressive lowball offer can deter a seller from wanting to continue negotiations with you and increases you chances of being beaten out by another buyer

Understand the seller’s time frame

– and make sure it suits yours, if they’re looking to move tomorrow can you make that work? In the same way, if they’re not seeking a move for a few months – can you find a temporary home until then

Keep in touch

– make sure you’re available to the other parties at reasonable notice and don’t go on holiday for a fortnight unless you let people know first

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