Tips For Listing And Selling The First Home You’ve Owned


There seems to be something almost sacrilegious about selling the first home you have ever bought. Many of your hopes and dreams have been invested in this home. You may have outgrown the square footage but the emotions that are an integral part of this home are harder to deal with. Eventually, the time to move forward arrives and you must make the decision to list your home. To give yourself the best opportunity to sell your home quickly, you must have a plan.


Don’t wait until the last minute to place your home on the market. It is crucial to give yourself a little leeway in case the market is not in your favor. Four weeks is the minimum you should expect your home to be on the market today. A good real estate agent may be able to get your house sold much faster but you cannot count on that in the current economy. Another thing about timing is that homes sell better in the spring than the fall. People with families will want their children to go to the new school when the school year begins, not in the middle of it. Moving into a new home during summer vacation also gives the new owners the opportunity to become familiar with their neighbors and surroundings in a more leisurely fashion.


Here is where emotions have a large, but often negative, impact on the sales price. To you this house owns part of your heart. Even though you feel this home is worth a certain amount of money, you have to be aware of the prices of homes within your neighborhood. When your house is about midrange in appeal, size and amenities, it is a good idea to either spruce it up by investing in updating it or lowering your intended price to be more competitive.

By updating the look of your home, be careful not to update so much that you will lose money. If your house stands out because of much better construction, larger rooms, desirable amenities and outstanding curb appeal, you may be able to price your house equal to the highest priced homes in your area. In general, it is always better to list a little below the prices of comparable homes.

Sprucing Up

It will be very hard to listen to criticism from others about the layout, the paint, the kitchen cabinets, and anything else, about your home. You chose those colors because you thought they were gorgeous. The kitchen cabinets may remind you of the time you cooked your first meal. You will have to totally divorce yourself from those feelings of attachment and see your home through the eyes of a stranger who is looking for something specific. Take a look at your home and ask yourself whether you would buy this house with a completely different taste. What can be easily and inexpensively changed to present a neutral tone? Stick to color patterns that are light and airy. If the rooms are small, a very light color will give it a roomier appearance. You may have to replace some light fixtures which is an inexpensive way to make a room prettier.